Public realm, green infrastructure and well-being

In recent years, the city of Medellín has undergone significant urban transformation which has impacted on the creation, management and perception of public space. Distinct strategies of provision of public space have included:

  • the regeneration of central spaces of historical significance,
  • the creation of new spatial typologies throughout the city,
  • in conjunction with major networks of public transportation, public services or landscape amenities.Our research on this topic will focus on the impacts these complex processes and strategies have been having in terms of:
  • formal and informal uses and appropriation of public realm,
  • improvement of social inclusion and well-being
  • and integration of environmental and landscape conditions within the urban space.

Research question

The general research question for the ‘Public realm, green infrastructure and well-being’ theme is:
To what extent and in what way have the processes and strategies for the provision of public space (from the perspective of its creation, management and perception) contributed to socio-economic and environmental integration in Medellin?

Workshop date

August 2016 in Medellín, Colombia