Housing and habitat

This theme explores the extent to which urban policies and projects in Medellin are helping improve housing and habitat conditions in the city. It particularly focuses on lower income groups in different types of tenure and of urban area, in connection with other aspects of urban and community development. It looks at a range of issues related to equity in terms of habitat conditions and considering the social construction of habitat. This requires the investigation of physical, socio-economic, cultural and institutional factors which influence both positive and negative impacts of urban policies and projects, as well as the scope for maximising positive impacts.

Research question

The general research question framing the research on the ‘Housing and habitat’ theme is:
In the context of the processes of peace building towards coexistence, what is the impact of urban policies on the habitat conditions of the most vulnerable sectors in the city of Medellín?

This Research Question will be examined with a focus on the following four sub-themes:

  1. Evaluation of previous policies and programmes (such as PRIMED, ISVIMED, etc.)
  2. Risk management and habitat
  3. Social production on processes of Housing & Habitat
  4. Housing and Habitat in the post-conflict scenario

Workshop date

11-19th April 2016 in Medellín, Colombia

The itinerary for the Seminar week on Housing & Habitat can be downloaded here:  Housing&Habitat-Seminar

To see information regarding the workshop published by the Universidad Nacional sede Medellín ( available in spanish only): Seminario sobre Vivienda y Hábitat