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This project is the result of work undertaken and supported by a number of individuals. Key to understanding the background of Medellin was the team participation in the the UN-Habitat World Urban Forum 7 in 2014. Supported by supervisors and colleagues, Dr Edwar Calderón, a native of Medellin, who at the time was working on his PhD in urbanism at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, encouraged the involvement of the University of Edinburgh in the Forum and liaised with a number of academics and organisers towards this aim.

The Principal of the University, Professor Sir Tim O’Shea, and the Principal of Edinburgh College of Art, Professor Chris Breward, gave their enthusiastic support. Participation in the WUF7 enabled the Edinburgh-based project team to start preparing an application to the Newton-Caldas Institutional Research Links Fund.

As part of the process, the then PhD candidate Dr Calderón and Dr. Soledad Garcia Ferrari obtained various smaller preliminary grants, including scoping for the establishment of research collaborations with organisations in Medellín.  A British Council Research Links Travel Grant (January-March 2015) was also key for developing links and initiating collaborations with a number of organisations who became key partners in this project.

This project and the planned further work resulting from it would not have been possible without the inputs, efforts and dedication of the individuals who took part in the above initiatives and activities, for which the project team are grateful.


We rely on a vast network in this project that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Research Associations
  • Research Centres
  • Community Stakeholders
  • Public Participants
  • Local Government Institutes
  • Practitioners

Academic Institutions:

Non-Academic Institutions:

Research Associations & Centres:

  • ACIUR, Asociación Colombiana de Investigadores Urbanos Regionales
  • RIDEAL, Red de Investigación sobre Áreas Metropolitanas de Europa y América Latina
  • RELATUER, Red Latinoamericana de Investigadores sobre Teoría Urbana
  • ESA, Edinburgh Strategic Alliance
  • CCAS, Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies

Community Stakeholders:

  • Barrio Moravia, Medellín
  • Pajarito, A ‘Plan Parcial’ as part of a wider strategic project in Medellín

Public Participants:

  • More information coming soon…

Local Government Institutes:

  • More information coming soon…